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Shipping Policy ~ Sarah's Treats & Treasures ~ Hand Built Company

Shipping Policy:

All shipping charges are non-refundable, we offer free shipping we do not refund shipping costs due to this, unless the issue was caused by Sarah's Treats & Treasures not sending the item per the policy below, or the item arrives damaged as we are responsible for proper packaging and delivery TO Carrier on time, from there we have no control. The control is in the hands of the customer if they want to pay for additional shipping or not, that will control their speed as well as noting the day of the week it is ordered as most online shoppers know Thursday and Friday ordering takes longer than if ordered on a Monday or Tuesday. Weekend Orders are not filled until the following Monday which is the first of the possible 2 business days that we still have to fill the item.

We do take 1 to 2 days for handling time on all orders. At any point in time we are not able to ship a customers order within those 2 business days we will notify the customer and request information on how the customer would like to proceed.

All shipping times are considered as business days. Shipping speeds and rates are not guaranteed by Sarah's Treats & Treasures, and are subject to the postal or package carriers rules and regulations. We do not appeal shipping issues for the customer as a requirement but are happy to do as a courtesy.

Once the item is ordered and shipped, it is the customers job to ensure the package is tracked and received appropriately. It is also the customers job to ensure the package is being shipped to a secured delivery location, as theft or deliveries marked as delivered but are no longer in the mail box are considered postal Theft and a felony, this action can not be helped by our company, and should be taken to the police and Inspector General of the USPS as the theft of mail is a serious and federal offense.

We are happy to aid in procuring another of your ordered items in situations such as this, but in order to fulfill the re-send of the taken package, we do need proof of a report filed to the local Police as well as to the Inspector General of the USPS. Only then will we release a new version at no charge.
All Mail service or Package services ship as soon as possible, but we do reserve the right to use a 1 - 2 business day handling time. Handling time indicates the time in which we receive your order (not the time in which you order, but the time in which we get notification of the order. It has happened on occasion the order was not released to us to be filled due to payment gateway processing issues, but has shown as ordered on the customers side), print it, print a shipping label (when we print a shipping label the system will notify you that your order has been shipped, however, it is on its way to be shipped as we have to still put the label on and deliver to the carrier), deliver the package to the carrier and ends when the carrier is in possession of the item and scans the package for the first time.

Once the carrier is in possession of the item, the time starts for shipping speed (only after the initial scan from the postal worker will the shipping time limit start). Until we get transporters, about the quickest most anyone will receive a package in the domestic United States (for a fairly decent price and not astronomical), is approximately 3 days or longer. Anything faster than 3 days is not guaranteed by Sarah's Treats & Treasures unless Priority Express Shipping service was selected (Note that is Priority Express not just Priority). Note that USPS our main mail carrier does not guarantee speeds of shipping services, per their policy for their various mail speeds, except for their Priority Mail Express services.

Example of shipping speeds and services:
Item ordered on a Monday morning, item will be printed and shipped at the latest by Wednesday Morning.

If item ordered was ordered with standard first class it can take anywhere from 2-7 business days to reach destinations within the United States.

If Priority Mail is selected, it is a average of 2-3 days as USPS advertises, however, per the example the time for shipping would start on a Wednesday at the latest, and would then arrive either between Thursday to Monday as all is on a business day schedule.