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Copper Plated Products Information

We have been low on copper plated products as we attempted to find a good plater. Discouraged in the results we decided to start plating pins in house! Our IT Provider The Nerd Squad is now also doing our Copper plated pins! Take a look below at some of the new versions of the old pins! A true antiquing is placed on by hand, and they are then polished by hand and coated in an enamel to prevent chipping and tarnishing! We are also doing the backs, so you will receive a copper clutch for the backing with the new style of pins! Several examples below:
Various Copper Plated Pins ~ Created by The Nerd Squad In House!
Also take a look at our new Copper Plated Pewter Miniature Lapel Pins! Something that we do not believe is offered elsewhere, especially offering the copper plated product done by an electrical artist and polished by hand, then coated in enamel for protection on the front and back!