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Flamingo Pin ~ Antiqued Pewter


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Take this Flamingo Pin and give it as a gift, wear it on your jacket, hat, tie, shirt, back pack or where ever you think it looks the best, since they look great everywhere every day you can take this wonderful work of art anywhere. Hand Sculpted by American Artists and then Hand Cast in Lead Free Fine Pewter by G.G. Harris, this Flamingo lapel pin really stands the true test of hand crafted and made in America. The Antiqued Pewter versions are first cast by hand in a detailed process then Antiqued to give a truly wonderful look. The Copper versions are electroplated in copper and then antiqued by hand to show every detail. The gold versions are electroplated in 24K Gold and then hand polished for a beautiful shine. Our Hand Painted items are painted by hand in a truly amazing and unique fashion and then coated in acrylic to ensure a forever shine and knick free wearable portrait.

Scientific Name: Phoenicopterus ruber

Size: 1.1" x 1.7"

Thickness: 0.2"


Ask a Question
  • I have a question about the Flamingo Pin ~ Antiqued Pewter ~ Lapel Pin - do you have any more pictures of this? I want to get it to put on a tie and attach it to the shirt underneath so the tie doesn't move around in a windy wedding, almost like a tie bar would do. I would need 2 of them so need to see how long the pin in the back is to make sure it will fit through the tie and shirt. Please help when you can, thanks for your help asap!!!

    We do not have anymore photos currently, but I think I can help.

    Our flamingo pin is a lapel pin, some people wear it on the Tie Pin, however, I personally think the pins are too short on our regular pins.
    However, that is because I put mine through the shirt as well, which you do not need to do that all the time in a full suit where they tie tucks into the coat.

    The large regular pins are double tacked backs, that is two tacks on the back, so you can position it how you want it and it wont move around.

    We do have Pewter & Gold Tie Tacks that are the same sizes as our Miniature Lapel Pins with but they include an extra long Tie Tack back length as well as a Tie Tack Safety Chain & Bar, but we do not have the Flamingo design in that style unfortunately. :-(

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