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Snake Pin ~ Antiqued Pewter


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Take this Snake Pin and give it as a gift, wear it on your jacket, hat, tie, shirt, back pack or where ever you think it looks the best, since they look great everywhere every day you can take this wonderful work of art anywhere. Hand Sculpted by American Artists and then Hand Cast in Lead Free Fine Pewter by G.G. Harris, this Snake lapel pin really stands the true test of hand crafted and made in America. The Antiqued Pewter versions are first cast by hand in a detailed process then Antiqued to give a truly wonderful look. The Copper versions are electroplated in copper and then antiqued by hand to show every detail. The gold versions are electroplated in 24K Gold and then hand polished for a beautiful shine. Our Hand Painted items are painted by hand in a truly amazing and unique fashion and then coated in acrylic to ensure a forever shine and knick free wearable portrait.

Scientific Name: Suborder Serpentes

Size: 1.5" x 1.1"

Thickness: 0.2"

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  • Good mornin' I was curious, is this big enough to pin together a snake print cheer cardigan, so it's not wide open.? Thank you Miss Lauri 🌻

    The size is listed in the details there, and here Size: 1.5" x 1.1" but I would think usually yes it is, depending on the size of gap needed to cover I would say.

    The two spots on the snake where you see its body join, are the locations of the pin backs themselves. The width is the 1.5" measurement as well, so I would say that the pin backs are approx. 1" of a total gap between pin back stems.
    Just note that this is my personal opinion as I believe this big enough to do just that. However we have learned after many years running this store, that the size question is ultimately a personal opinion and decision as it is hard to tell exactly the size needed for the situation at hand.

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